wedding outfits

This weekend we have got a little shopping trip planned to get all the final pieces for our wedding outfits. Not mine as they were sorted long ago, including a little customising of my shoes...more to come on that later! But for Rob and Theo. So I thought I would have a little look around the internet and see what I could find. I don't want to spend money on something that Theo's never going to wear again, because one it's a total waste of money and two why would I buy something that is so impractical (like a proper suit) for a toddler that he would never want to wear again?

My Mum already bought Theo a vintage Ralph Lauren checked shirt, and even though it would be lovely to be able to afford to buy new items from the collection it's just not possible! Saying that, there are a few shirts from the mens section that Rob has his eye on! So I have found some sweet trousers and braces, and a sweet cardigan. Can't beat a pair of braces and a bow-tie! Theo will without a doubt steal the show on the day, so he might as well look cute as he does it!

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