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My last pregnancy

 I finally thought that perhaps it was time to restart this little blog, to try and document a little of Elin's life and the pictures we've taken so far. So where better to start than her pregnancy? I've got a bunch of photos from the pregnancy that I'd like to be kept somewhere as I really wanted to make sure I documented it this time around, knowing for sure that this is the last time that I'll go through this journey.  She is currently 5 weeks old, asleep on my chest on a rainy September morning. The house is quiet as both boys are back to school and we're just figuring out this new routine and life with a baby after the hectic Summer holidays when she joined us. So here is a short run down of my pregnancy with her... We found out that I was pregnant in November 2020, a month or two after deciding that finally we felt ready to try for another baby to join and complete our family. It's taken a good few years to get to this point but I'm so glad we did.

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