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New normals

So it's been a minute since I was here last hasn't it? So much has happened since January and it feels like we're still in the middle of it all. We're surviving but the battle is on going.

Rohan had his original heart surgery the day after he turned four, we'd built ourselves up for this especially since it was cancelled in December. We were prepared for the two plus weeks it would take us being in hospital but we thought that would be, we'd endure it then come out the other side healed and home. But that didn't happen. Since then we've been battling fluid building up around his heart and having to undergo 6 more surgeries to try and fix it. Nothing so far has worked. He's had 8 general anaesthetics this year, we've been discharged 3 times and spent just under two weeks at home each time, he's had one CT scan, one PIC line put in and then removed, countless chest X-rays, echos, blood tests, swabs lots of new drugs started including an immun…

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