A family blog, documenting our days and adventures, finding inspiration in the world outside and around us and everything else in between.
We are a little family of four living in Bristol, England.
I started this blog when we found out I was pregnant by (a lovely) surprise! What started as a space to record the feelings, frustrations and ever growing stomach of pregnancy, to no-one in particular has grown into a space that follows our journey into parenthood.

As we've watched that tiny bean grow into the child he is today, I've tried to record events, milestones and capture the essence and personality of this little boy who changed our lives forever. I hope that in years to come we can all look back together at this, our family album.

Here you will find a record of our journey into parenthood, recorded memories, places we adventure to near and far, the people we meet along the way, the things we love,  what we are inspired by and all the other ups and downs along the way. 

We welcomed Rohan into our family in January 2016, and have been on quite a journey already. I've used this space to document our experience and share news of Rohan's condition, and all that goes along with parenting a baby with additional needs. Please do follow along! 

Abigail and the future is open to working with companies and featuring product reviews, sponsored posts and paid content that are in keeping with the style and taste of the blog.
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  1. I have to tel you your sweet boy and mine look like they could be long lost twins! Your thrifty finds are so fun, too. I miss living in the UK where charity shops are treasure troves. American thrift stores are no comparison, and antique shops cost an arm and a leg.

    Nice to have found you! xx

  2. I am so inspired by your blog. Thank you for being so real and opening up to what's really happening in your life. You are one brave woman!!


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