pin-pin-pin it forward!

I'm very excited to be part of the 'Pin it forward UK' campaign, where lots of bloggers have been invited to write about and share their love for pinterest! If somehow you've managed to miss what Pinterest is all about, then somehow you have missed out on the wonder that is the mecca of the interent for all things inspiring, useful and just damn right pretty! The beauty of it, is that it's so simple to use, you set up your own pinterest boards (like inspiration mood boards kind of thing!) of which you can have countless, for any subject you wish. Then you can pin images from the internet, follow your friends and re-pin their pins, or add your own work for the world of pinterest to devour. You can dip in and out very easily, but aware it is pretty addictive! But go on give it a go! Your life will be better for it! (note I can't actually guarantee it, so don't hold me to that...)

I've made no secret of my love for pinterest here on the blog, and use it for inspiration for pretty much every aspect on my life! Food, fashion, photography, travel, gardening, home, hair style and most importantly inspiration of how to entertain a toddler when stuck inside for weeks of rain! At the moment I've been pinning away like mad for all my wedding planning (how on earth did people plan a wedding before Pinterest I ask?!)

One of my favourite aspects about Pinterest is that you share boards with other people and invite them to pin onto it too. Which means double or triple the inspiration and it's always nice to share right? One of my favourite and most used boards is a board that my sister started for myself and Theo, and we both find fun, interesting, crafty, pretty things to pin to it.

I would love it if you came and joined in!

Finally I feel really honoured to introduce the next blogger taking part in the pin it forward campaign. Jennie writes a totally inspiring and honest blog about her children and her journey through motherhood, and has some great activities to do with children. Her Pinterest is also full of fun things to try!


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