bits and pieces

we ate cake in the sunny museum tea room in hove // checking out the toy collection at the museum // hide and seek with Sarah and Stanley // old and new // tippy toes // walking along the seafront // they both became quite attached to the bumpy surface, there might have been a few tears when we left // happy boy // this one's for you Sarah ; )

After driving from Bristol on Friday morning we met up with our lovely friend Sarah and her sweet Stanley. We had a peek at the toy museum in Hove and whilst Theo ran around like a crazy child (three hours in a car will do that) Stanley took a little longer to warm up to Theo, and despite his best efforts, Theo just couldn't quite win him over like last time! Poor things! But still we had a fun little afternoon chatting and catching up, until we got a little bit too battered by the wind on the seafront and departed ways!

Anyway this is short and sweet as I haven't really had much time to get near the computer and actually have quite enjoyed it! But more to come on our adventures soon! 


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