theo's daily outfit

 So once again I'm late with the update, what was supposed to be a every Tuesday occurrence has now happened on a Saturday...I'm bad at keeping to a schedule! But I guess as long as I post it once a week that's ok right?

This week has been a busy one (haven't they all?) We've been on walks, made a cardboard house, went swimming, made valentines cookies and cards, went to yayas house, played in the garden...

It's been lots of fun! Rob and I left Theo up at my mums so that we could go to a wedding reception of Rob's colleague last night, then today we have had the whole day to do some much needed sorting, tidying and picture hanging. The last of our boxes from moving have been unpacked and sorted and we even fitted in a trip to Ikea. This evening we went to the pub, sat down with no distractions and started to plan THE WEDDING...yikes. I'm excited though, it's going to be busy, but hopefully it's going to be fun too.

Hope you've all had a good week! I can't wait to be reunited with my little boy tomorrow...


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