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Doing this project is fun, I really do hope I can keep it up for the whole year, as I guess the main purpose of it is, is to take a photo of Theo everyday. In terms of Theo's clothes, I guess I just enjoy creating outfits for him, but I want to challenge myself to make the most of what we have for him already and try and curb my slight obsession with shopping. We do most of our shopping for him in the sales, and it's pretty rare that we buy full priced clothing for him. When he was younger we used to get most of his clothes from charity shops, or nearly new sales, but for his age range it seems harder to find these days (perhaps because toddler boys wear out clothes more?) 

I've been avidly reading Free our Kids about  Harriet, a mother who is going to try and go a year without spending (unnecessary) money on her toddler. I agree whole heartily with lots of her opinions and 'rules', especially with the toddler food and clothes aspect, and while I would love to do the same I don't think I have the same will power (at the moment!), but I'm willing to try to make small changes to the way we live and spend our money. I loved Sarah's attempt at making her own snack bars, and yesterday me and a friend made some child friendly biscuits (with a lot less sugar!), which went as we made it into an activity for the toddlers to part take in, but unfortunately I didn't take any photos as trying to 'help' two two year old is enough work! But anyway, it's a start.


  1. IF only we were nearer, we have such similar taste we could just rotate outfits!!!


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