Rob and I are off on holiday tomorrow, yes you read that right, just Rob and I. 

We're going for a few days to the wonderful city of Berlin. It will be my fourth time visiting, but the very first time for Rob, and I think I'm about excited as him as if it was my first time too! We're staying with my dear friend Robyn, who I visited Berlin with for the second time back when we were in University. She's been living there for over a year and a half now, am I'm so excited to finally go and visit her! My other dear friend from University Sarah has also just moved there, and they happen to only live about half an hours walk from each other, which is perfect.

It's going to be Rob's birthday on Wednesday, so we thought we'd do something to celebrate properly, and have a few days of proper quality time together, as it's been a long long time. I'm a little nervous about leaving Theo for all that time, but I've done it before and I know that he'll be in good hands staying at my Mums house whilst we're away. I think it's going to be pretty weird though it being just Rob and I, I think I'll suddenly panic and wonder which one of us is supposed to be watching Theo, but then remember that he's not there! But mainly I'm looking forward to visiting great galleries/cafes/bars/shops/museums and everything else Berlin has to offer us, and actually have the time to look at things and to RELAX. Oh yeh and to drink good beer and go out dancing at least once!

We managed to find some pretty cheap flights, so we jumped at the chance to go, as it will probably be our last chance to go abroad for a while!

Not that that matters a huge amount, as there is plenty of scope for holidays in the UK. We've been extremely lucky the last few years that we have been able to go abroad and visit family with Theo, but as of next year we will have to pay for a seat for him on the plane if we want to go anywhere. So I think for the next few years will be staying put, which actually I'm quite excited about!

When Rob was a child he only ever used to holiday with his parents in the UK, in fact he didn't go abroad until he was 12. His parents own a time-share on a canal boat, so he spent his summer holidays traveling around the UK on a barge. I think this sounds great! Hopefully we'll get the chance to take a canal boat holiday soon, it sounds like such a great way to get around and see different parts of the UK, and hiring a canal boat to stay on seems like such a fun adventure! 

When Theo is older he can help with the locks, and we can stop off at idyllic country pubs for lunch and a beer. In the evenings we can cosy down inside with a book or a board game and enjoy some quality family time together. Hopefully Theo will be excited about going on a narrow boat holiday as he has a pretty strong sense of adventure already and I imagine it would be something we'd all thoroughly enjoy.

I've already been having a little look at this website, and have potentially started planning our very first canal boat holiday! 


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