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So I was tagged by Charlotte, who wrote a brilliant post about 3 things about being a mother she would put in room 101. I 100% agree with her choices, as I've experienced and been completely aggravated by these same things! Go read her post, it was make you laugh and sigh.

I've been thinking over the last day or so what my choices should be, it's been hard to think of things I really hate (other than like Charlotte has already pointed out) because a lot of bad points of motherhood are usually trumped by unbelievably amazing things. For example, horribly cliched but, having a rough nights sleep is always usually made better by waking up to a happy smiling babbling baby.

But I'd say the things that annoy me most our thing to do with myself, and my own body.

1. Hormones. I know that I'm still breastfeeding, so that's probably why my hormones as still causing havoc within my body, but I'm kinda tired of the horrible mood swings, and being a bit of a bitch a lot of the time, and things being a erratic and not very calm. I'd like to think that before and especially during my pregnancy I was fairly easy going and didn't really rise that much to arguments, but now anything can make me snap, and it's usually the people closest to me who get the brunt of it (other than a poor h&m assistant yesterday!) I would just like to feel normal again, and slightly more in control.

2. Personal space. Or rather lack of personal space! Once again probably because I'm still breastfeeding (I do still enjoy it, but perhaps I'm starting to think about slowly stopping) but sometimes I feel like I'm constantly giving my body and have no space of my own. I gave my body over to pregnancy for 9 months, and for 15 months have constantly breastfed, not to mention being climbed and clambered over or having to pick up and carry a toddler lots! So sometimes it just feels as though I need some space just for me, to have no-one needing me. I think I just need regular massages....

3. Saggy Skin. This one is completely vain, but I want my saggy, stretched skin to be gone! I sincerely doubt it will ever magically spring back to it's former glory of my youth, but I really wish it would! It's been long enough that my body hasn't been pregnant, but I'm still carrying around this wobbly thing on my stomach. I think it's going to take a long time at the gym to get rid of it, so a magic 101 disappearing trick would be great thanks!

So these things are more recent qualms rather than complaints with the whole of motherhood in general. Perhaps they are just things that after 15 months I'm growing slightly tired of. Because as much as I love to complain, motherhood is (mostly) wonderful, and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

So I would like to tag Sarah to see what she says!


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