The walled garden

So today Rob had the day off again, and as a another little birthday treat we decided to go for lunch at The Ethicurean.

Mainly I wanted to get out of Bristol for a little while and avoid restaurants and cafes polluted with students. They are dominating EVERYWHERE at the moment and they are really driving me crazy! Sorry to moan, and I know I was a student up until recently, but these are a different breed of student. Posh students who have too much money and posh cars and wear too short denim shorts. GET OUT OF MY WAY! Please stop standing in small groups taking over the pavement gibbering on about some 1st world problem you have...

AHH. Right not really sure where that came from? I don't think I really noticed the students so much last year, maybe because I was pregnant and in a world of my own, or it's just a shock after it being nice and quiet over the summer. But anyways, they are seriously driving me mad and making me want to move! Gah! I'm so ready for our holiday away from Bristol starting on monday.

Right. Calm. This is about a nice trip to the countryside and eating yummy food right?

So anyway, yes off we went. To be honest it was a lot smaller than I expected. I thought we could go for lunch and have a nice walk round after and maybe go back for afternoon tea, but after we finished eating, it took us about 5 minutes to do a lap of the place and Theo started getting grumpy anyway. So we just went home. We'll definitely have to go back for cream tea and scones!

Today there was a limited menu because of the main chefs picking up an award in London. This is great, but had been looking forward so much to eating here after hearing such great things. But anyway what they did have sounded yummy and we dived straight in for the mains. We both had good old bangers and mash and theo had mac and cheese. Of course these were Jazzed up a bit in the description on the menu, but essentially that is what is was. I really like the fact that the vegetables come from the garden there and the meat is locally sourced. And I have to say it was delicious! And perfect for the grey drizzly day, good tasty warming food. Theo had a good old munch on the carrots and mash and even tried the sausage. As well as the really tasty mac and cheese that Rob and I ended up eating the rest of. I would have loved to have desert too, but going out for lunch was really pushing our money and we didn't want to be greedy guts. Plus Theo had had enough by that point, and you know, when he says it's time to go, it really is.

We had a little fun looking at the view and the garden, and messing up the windows (sorry!) so here are a few pics!


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