My favourite topic: money

gaah! I really do hate it, but there is a time when you have to face it!

So this month, well today to be precise, marks the end of my maternity leave and more importantly my maternity pay.

Also after completing our tax return for this past tax year, we have also been awarded £40 less a week, A WEEK, from now on. This means that we are set to lose a lot from our monthly income.

I have business ideas in the pipeline, which are coming along well, but slowly. (Trying to set this thing up with babies is pretty hard, with all the unforeseen problems they throw up!) And also it's going to take a while before we can make any money off of it. I'm really excited about doing it, and definitely want to carry on working on it, but the lack of money, and need to pay rent is worrying me slightly.

So like I said before, I think I need to get a job. Even if it were just for one day, to earn back the amount we have lost from tax credits. I don't know whether to go back to my old job, as last time I went in there the (new) manager didn't even recognise me, even though I've talked to him a fair few times about getting my job back. So I got scared and ran away before I could ask him about my old job. Also I was thinking that having a job all the way in town wouldn't be ideal, but if I were to get one nearer home then I could pop home at lunch to feed Theo and give him cuddles. So if anyone out there, in Bristol, knows of any jobs for one or two days a week near me, please help me out, or alternatively, someone could just give us loads of money? Yeh?

I went to finally go to the citizens advice bureau, and the only time I bloody go is when it shuts early on a Friday. Bugger Bugger. But hopefully I can visit next week and work out what we are entitled too now.

Other than this (constant) worry, everything else is going ok! Crawling is very nearly happening:

how is he this big already? He's not a baby anymore is he?

Tomorrow we are going to see my mum, only a short drive away, as she moved yesterday! I'm so excited that it will only take just over an hour to get to hers, rather than the painful 5 hours! 

Hope everyone else has a nice weekend planned! Adios


  1. Tax credits have made a lot of cock-ups that I've seen in the first year after maternity leave finishes this year or so. It might be worth checking with them that they've taken into account the fact you were on SMP last year (Tax Credits are all based on last year's income), as they're supposed to ignore £100 a week of your SMP, but they don't seem to do so a lot of the time.

    It might not make a difference, but if it does, it's worth a try (I know a few people who it has helped, me included)

  2. @squeakymom hi thanks for the advice! Was wondering if you could give me anymore, but can't find a way to email you!


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