I haven't posted properly in about a week, and I have that terrible blogger guilt feeling, I'm not sure why. I essentially just started this blog to post thoughts and feelings about being pregnant without any other motive than being able to write it down. I don't know what really compels me to keep writing, maybe to keep a record of things that happen week by week in Theo's life, before they are forgotten. Which is a good reason I suppose. But I don't like the fact that sometimes I feel pressured (by myself) to write blog posts, just to update the blog, and those posts are ultimately not very good. So I am going to strive to only write blog posts that I really want to write, that mean something, and try and not let the blogging guilt get in the way of actually enjoying the times when I'm not on the computer!

Anyway, don't know where that came from, on with the post!

This post is going to be mainly about my baby led weaning journey, as that seems the most pressing issue at the moment.

So, I don't know what/where/how/or why made me decide to follow baby led weaning really. I had never heard of it before Theo was born, and only did a tiny bit of research into it when I did hear about it. Weaning was always this far off point that I would deal with when it came to it. A friend and I talked about it, and discussed the pros and cons of it compared to spoon fed weaning, from what we had both heard. We decided that we liked the sound of it, and when it came to it try and see how it went. I have always been led by Theo in the rest of the other aspects of baby life, without me planning or being particularly aware that that's what I was doing. So after reading a bit more into BLW it seemed like the next logical step, to let Theo lead his weaning journey too.

At five and a half months he started to get really interested in food, and was grabbing at it, so we decided to give him little tries of food, here and here. These are probably some of my favourite photos of Theo!

Anyway he seemed really into the food straight away, and was pretty good at putting things straight in his mouth. We tried banana and avocado in finger foods, then in mushy bits. He would gag loads and be sick. I was a little put off and scared by this, but decided that it was probably just his way of learning, so thought it best just to carry on.

Since we came home from holiday we have tried cucumber, peach, plum, spaghetti, toast, scrambled egg, pear, pepper, chips, chicken, broccoli and some other things I have probably forgotten! since Theo was little he has always been a sicky baby, so I guess that's why, when he gagged, he was sick quite easily. But since we just carried on he hardly gags any more, and when he does he just lets the food fall out of his mouth, rather than being sick, so that is a major development.  Also this morning I found seeds in his nappy, from the multi seed toast he had yesterday morning, how exciting! I don't think I've ever been that excited looking at poo before (how glamorous my life has become!). It means that he's actually been eating some of the food rather than just chomping.

So I am really enjoying BLW so far. Theo eats most of the time when we eat, unless he's asleep, even if its jut a bit of cucumber, to make him feel part of meal times.

anyway in addition to his progress this week, he has also grown some teeth! I reported that he had one coming through, which is now fully there, and yesterday one just appeared from no where! It's very exciting, but also scary. No bites yet on me when feeding, but I'm dreading it if he ever does, because those are some sharp little teeth! So exciting times...

Now time for a quick round up of the week. Theo went on a swing for the first time, met up with some of his little friends and went to the harbourside festival for the first ever time! Not a lot has been really happening, just the same old same old! In the last few days Theo's sitting ability has come on so well! He can sit unaided for a long time now, just playing with his toys and looking around...

 Today we went to visit Malvern and to see the new house that my mum will be moving to at the end of the summer. It's really lovely, and so is the town, but mostly I'm excited about how close she will be, it takes only about an hour to get there, compared to the 5 or so it takes to get to where she lives now. Exciting!!

I will call it a night, (it's taken me about 3 hours to write this post off and on!) good night!


  1. I'm sorry but I have to say....chips????

  2. yeh from mcdonalds...noo just a little chip, he doesn't really eat it, just chews on it, it's just baked potato, no salt or anything on it, perfectly good..

  3. Nothing wrong with a good chip. Becca loves having a munch on one, especially when she breaks the skin and the soft potato is exposed.

  4. That photo of your son sleeping with The Who t-shirt is amazing. So cute!


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