Avocado baby

Did anyone else used to read the Avocado baby? I loved that book!

Anyways, here are some lovely pictures of Theo smeared and covered in avocado. There are probably lots that are the same, but that doesn't matter (well to me anyway, I never get bored of looking at him) and it is very funny and sweet..

He doesn't do so well with the bigger chunks, he holds them and puts them in his mouth, but hasn't worked out how to chew yet. He gags quite a lot and sometimes is a bit sick, so I don't try and give him too much to try and hold. We were having chilli for dinner anyway, so I had mushed up some avocado for us, so I just put this on his tray or in his hands and he seemed to get on quite well with this, hopefully even ate some. He seems to love tasting new things though, and is really interested! I can't wait until he is six months and we can try other foods such as spaghetti and toast and proper finger foods...

I know this is probably not the way I should be doing baby led weaning, because sometimes I am feeding him, and it is mushy, but it doesn't matter to me, I was never going to follow it strictly and at least we are having fun playing and experimenting!

Anyway here are some photos..

he was getting pretty tired by the end and was rubbing his eyes, hence all the food in his eyebrows and eyelashes!

I like this food business, but I think I will be sad when I takes over from breastfeeding, I mostly really enjoy feeding, and love that time that we have together when he is feeding.


  1. Absolutely beautiful pics of Theo! Looks like lots of fun :)


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