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Preparing for heart surgery

It's finally come around, this great big looming beast of a thing that we've been avoiding for the past few years, well actually in fact since he was born. Last week after what we thought would be a routine cardiology appointment we found out that Rohan suddenly needs the big heart surgery they've been talking about. 
We'd not seen Cardiology for coming up to nearly a year after a change in consultants and what I can imagine as Rohan falling slightly through the net, but after I rang round quite a few different departments chasing other appointments we got a new clinic date fairly swiftly. We've not noticed any change in Rohan's heart or symptoms from the outside but as his echo shows the problem that they've been waiting to get bad enough to have it repaired is now definitely bad enough...worse than they thought. So cue a lot of slightly panicked tests and an x-ray and we were down on the list to be discussed at the big consultant and surgeon meeting. 

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