The last few days

Hello, so once again it's been a few days, but what a busy few days we have had. I'm so tired!

Yesterday we didn't really do too much as the days before were so busy. It's pretty hard being on holiday with a baby. I feel probably more tired than I do at home, as it's so hot here, we're out of our routine and sleeping here is a lot harder. The good news is Theo is taking more and longer naps in the day, which is a very good improvement indeed. We are trying to make the most of being away and seeing and doing things, but trying to work that round all the normal things you have to do for a baby is hard. Also travelling around with him on the metro is difficult, no lifts and lots and carrying the pram up and down stairs...hard work in the heat. Things are so much busier here, and louder and later, it's a pretty big shock from the life we have been living at home.

But anyway, we are enjoying ourselves a lot, it's really nice to be able to spend everyday with Rob. My sister is also now on holidays so it will be good to spend more time with her.

On Monday we went to La Pedrera, one of the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona. It's strange because I have been to Barcelona quite a few times now, but haven't really managed to do that much sightseeing, which is good and bad. I've been shown lots and lots of areas and things that other tourists don't really get to see, but then have also not been to see the things that are really worth seeing here. So we went on a bit of a tourist mission for the beginning of the week.

It is incredible in La Pedrera as soon as you walk in, standing in the middle of the lightwell and looking up at all the windows. We then went onto the roof, where the views over the city are amazing. There was storm coming in from the outskirts of the city, so it all looked pretty dramatic.

We then went inside to the apartment that you can walk around. It takes up one whole floor and is circular. It is beautiful. Whenever I visit places like this or stately home that are set up to how they used to look, I always pretend that we are doing a house viewing, and looking to see whether we would buy it! It silly but fun to imagine that we could actually live there! But the apartment was amazing, but really busy with people walking around. All the details of the architecture were beautiful. The windows, floors and doors were all intricate and interesting. I managed to snap a few photos as we squeezed through.

It did eventually rain, so we went and had some lunch, and wandered around the centre a little bit.

On Tuesday we decided to go to the Miro foundation. It was up on Montjuic above the city, and was really nice to get out of the city to lots of trees and a nice breeze! Tuesday was the hottest day so far, so we spend the hottest part of the day inside the gallery.

I really really enjoyed it. I'm no art critic and you will probably scoff at my comments, but I did really enjoy it. Sometimes when I go to art galleries I sort of wonder about, looking at the art work, but it not really interesting me. I just look because that's what you 'should' do, and some of the time I don't really 'get' them, or really care about getting them anyway. But with the Miro's I really enjoyed them. There's not really any explanations about what the pieces are about, and I liked that. They are so interesting to look at that they just draw you in. I like that you can put whatever you want onto the paintings and they can freely make you feel what you like. They are so simple but intricate at the same time. Anyway that's enough of me trying to explain!

After the museum we went for a walk around the Olympic village and saw the big stadium, which was pretty impressive. We then went to the Olympic diving pool, where there is a public swimming pool also. The pool is really high up an again has amazing views of the city. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, swimming and relaxing. It was very refreshing.

 We then made our weary way home. When we arrived home we went out for drinks and food with some of Sarah and Borjas friends on the Rambla, which was good to be outside in the evening. The rambla is always really nice in the evenings, pleasantly busy with people out at the bars or just walking around.

So that´s all really, as I said yesterday we didn't really do anything!

Here's a few photos of Theo, as this post doesn't contain any of him so far!

There you go!


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