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bonjour! So this week has gone very fast as usual!

Last night, after Rob finished work we traveled over to Newport in Wales, to where we used to go for Uni for the grad show. I was really nervous whilst we were driving over there, and as we sat in the car park of Sainsburys eating pizza and feeding Theo with steamed up car windows, that nervousness grew. I don't know why I was nervous, I was going to see good friends from Uni and they were going to meet Theo for the first time. But I think it was this strange feeling of going back to my old life, seeing people I used to know and my old tutors. I'm sure most people knew that I had had a baby, but it feels as though so much has changed in a year, and I do feel like a different person. I feel more settled and stable and happy believe it or not! It's not that I had a bad time at uni, far from it, and I made wonderful friends, it's just that I had quite a lot of ups and downs, (as a lot of people probably do at that stage in their life) and feel quite glad to be out of that now, and be where I am, with my little family.

Theo was on top form though, smiling it everyone before happily going to sleep in the carrier for most of it. The exhibitions were good, but as always on opening nights you never really look at the work properly, plus there were lots of people to see and talk to. In the end as soon as we met up with our friends the nervousness was forgotten and we had a fun time. I had a few sips of wine and it went straight to my head, I really can't drink anything anymore! It has been well over a year since I drank properly! But I don't really miss it all that much.

We were asked the usual questions of what we were up to, and how things were, and all we could reply is that things were good, but quietly uneventful! Which I like. Our weeks go really fast, filled up with meeting up with friends and normal domestic tasks like food shopping etc, but at the moment I am really enjoying it! Everyday is exciting and I learn new things about myself, about Theo and about us as a family. I think I enjoy everyday so much because Theo is such and awesome baby to be with! haha! I'm sure everyone thinks that about their own child, but he is so much fun! He is really expressive and laughs and chats away all the time. It also makes me love Rob even more, to think that he half created such a lovely baby, means that he can't be half bad himself! hah!

We bought Theo some sweet sunglasses for our holiday! He looks like such a dude!

Anyway enough babbling!

On Thursday I went over to my friend Amy's house , for a baby date. Together with my other friend Jess we had a lot of fun! The baby's played on the floor together, rolling around and grabbing each other! It is so sweet to watch them all! Especially now as they are becoming more interested in each other. It was quite sunny and warm so Amy got out the paddling pool and they had a little splash!

SOooooooo Cute! Theo is the youngest out of the babies, but by far the biggest, what a little fatty!

So Theo has just awoken from his nap (a nap in the day time at home! Miracle!) So I have to be off. Today I am meeting up for the first time with the lovely Fritha for cakes and chats! I'm very excited! Check out her lovely blog!


  1. yay! was so lovely meeting you and little Theo! we must meet again soon :) xxx

  2. @tigerlillyquinn yeh it was really nice! good cake! if you ever want to pop over after you finish work or meet on your lunch, since you are over this way that would be good, if not any other time somewhere!


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