The dreaded doctors

 So today was the day that Theo got his jabs. I was dreading it, and cuddled him a lot more than I usually would! He had his check up with the doctor, and he didn't mind being prodded and pulled about at all, he even gave her smiles! Everything is good with him, and he is a happy healthy baby, which is reassuring to hear. Then it came to his jabs with the nurse, I had him on my lap and I had to hold his leg really still. He gave a little shout of pain at the first one, then a real high pitched cry for the second. I couldn't look at it going in, or at him, I just gave him a big cuddle after. Since then he has been fine, just the same as he usually is. So fingers crossed he will stay that way tonight and tomorrow.

This week has been good and bad. After thinking that my eyes were finally getting better on Monday, they took a turn for the worse on monday night, so I was back to feeling poorly and down in the dumps. Tuesday was also a horrid day, all grey and raining, so I decided I wouldn't go out all day because I couldn't hide away behind my sunglasses. This wasn't good as I went a bit crazy. Theo doesn't like being stuck inside all day, and I didn't have the energy to entertain him all day, nor the imagination. I was also trying to do this routine thing, but it just wasn't working. He wasn't tired when he was supposed to be asleep, never ate as much as he should have so he needed more feeds when he shouldn't be feeding! bah! Not a good day to be starting! I definitely had moments of feeling like I couldn't do it anymore.

But the next day, Wednesday was really nice weather and I went out to meet with my antenatal group ladies in the park. It was really lovely, and Theo was good as gold. He really likes being out, and doesn't really cry. I guess it's just because there is so much going on and for him to look at that he is entertained. Which suits me fine, as I much prefer being out, especially in this amazing weather!

Theo has been cracking out the smiles recently, he just gives them out! It's so sweet. This morning he didn't a little laugh too, which was so exciting, it's not a noise that I've heard him make before, and it was a little squeal of excitedness!

This weekend I'm going back to my home town, for my little cousins 21st birthday tea party. We're going on Friday so I can see my friends and family properly, and I'm so excited! It's been a long time since I've been back, and the first time Theo will be go to the town where I grew up.

I've really been enjoying using my sling, it's been pretty useful for when I want to do things in the house, and Theo seems to like it, and go off to sleep in it. It's nice to have him close to me, and sort of feels like I'm pregnant again!

So that's about all for now, hopefully I'll get time to post over the weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!


  1. love the cute little laugh photo :) hes sooooo cute! x


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