May Camping

Last weekend we packed up for a little bit of camping in Dorset, but before I get round to sharing that I thought I would show you pictures from our first trip this year. We made a total last minute decision on the first bank holiday weekend in May, as the weather was supposed to be lovely. We flipped a coin and everything! We just went for one night, picked a place off of google in Devon, packed up the minimum for one night and headed there in the car.

The campsite was amazing, it had a small pool and great play park, but the best was the view from the camping field (away from all the caravans too!) They had electric and water points, but just up the brow of the hill the most amazing view of the sea opened up in front, and all you could see was blue. We saw the sun set on the first night, and the sun just after it had risen in the morning..not that we planned too, but camping equals early rising. I can't say I minded too much though.

The trip came at just the right time, I needed to reset. The sea always helps me do this, and I sat for a long time just looking out and enjoying the silence. We'll definitely be back, and I'm hoping that perhaps if September is nice, we may be able to squeeze in one more trip!


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