A family portrait with Mr.Men and Little Miss

One thing that I promised myself when we moved to our new house, was that I was going to put up more pictures. We had a few prints up at our old house, but if you can believe it, not one photograph of any of us. Now this is particularly ridiculous considering the sheer amount of photographs I have taken over the last few years, I've made photo albums and books yes, but not printed any out to frame. So I did, they still need putting up, but they are there in frames all the same!

So when I was asked whether I'd like to make a little family portrait of ourselves out of Mr.Men and Little Miss characters I thought this would be a great way of adding to our collection of portraits. Theo also loves the books and we really enjoyed doing this together. He's so proud of our little family and couldn't wait to decide who we should all be.

The making of it couldn't have been simpler, we just headed over to the website, chose our background and got stuck in choosing the characters. We liked the camping background as this is something we enjoy as a family, I let Theo mainly choose who we should be and we had lots of fun! We loved that we could include our pets too as they are as much a part of our family! We then clicked finish and ordered it to be framed and sent out to us. Simple as that!

 This is what it looks like and I think it's such a great addition to our home! It's currently taken up residence in Theo's bedroom and I think it fits in really well and brightens up his shelves.


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