June portraits

Whoops, so it's been a busy month or so and once again I've neglected this little blog. We've done a little bit more travelling now with Rohan, and we're feeling more confident with his care now that he's off the oxygen in the day. Over June we visited my sister, had half term and of course have been busy with various hospital appointments, and to be honest my camera hasn't been picked up a whole lot. I gave up with the idea of doing a portrait a week pretty much in January when Rohan was born, as our time and attention was obviously elsewhere, but I do love still love the idea of capturing them and looking back over the year. So instead I've been at least trying to collect together a few of my favourite portraits from the past month, every month, which hopefully will still show how they've changed and grown over the year. These are just a few of my favourite moments, the boys playing on the bed after a bath together, Theo in his element out in the fields and with a puppy and of course quiet moments at home. I hope as well as capturing each individual changing I can document and look back on the relationship developing between these two boys. Oh I do love them so! 


  1. These are all stunning, but that first picture is just perfect.

  2. I absolutely love your photos. There's something so cinematic and retro about them. You capture the moments perfectly x


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