A Father's day photoshoot

Seeing as father's day is just around the corner we thought we'd do a little photoshoot with Rob in partnership with Photobox. As a family we hardly have any photos of all of us together, or with one of us in the frame. Our family is a bit unusual as I tend to be the one who takes most of the photographs, (mainly because I hate being in front of the lens!) but in general most of our photographs are just of Theo and Rohan alone. So we decided to set up a little shoot in our garden, with funny props, and let Theo tell us what to do, and take photos! I must say leaving a five year old in charge of an expensive camera perhaps isn't the most relaxing task, but I think he enjoyed telling us what to do, as well as of course being in the photos himself!

In a study by Photobox they found that 58% of the nation’s families admit that Dad’s love of photography and passion for gadgets makes him the go-to member of the clan to pick up the camera.  Two-thirds (68%) of the UK parents surveyed admitted Dad takes the majority of family photos because Mum prefers it.  His efforts don’t go unnoticed, as more than half (56%) of those surveyed think his photos are much better than Mum’s. When it comes to family photos, as expected kids are always stealing the show from Dad:  Over half (51%) of parents agree one of the top reasons Dad is always behind the camera is so he can capture all the children’s best moments.  Half (47%) of photos on display in the home feature the kids and neither parent.

For a while now I've been trying to make a bit more of an effort to get photos of us with our children, but I do prefer the more candid shot so often that means one of us is out of the frame. One thing I also need to make more time for is actually getting our photos printed out and framed, as we currently have zero!

So to celebrate Father’s Day and put Dad back in the frame, for one day only photo gifting company PhotoBox will open a photo studio run entirely by kids, with Dad as the star.  Robert May, Global Marketing Director at PhotoBox, comments:  “Families are forever growing, changing, and experiencing new things together. Through photography, we can capture those special and everyday family moments so that we can celebrate them again and again. When we discovered that Dads were missing from many of the family pics, we were astounded! And knew something had to be done to rectify this. Our Kids’ studio will help put Dad back in the frame and celebrate his great moments with the family too.”

 For a chance to win a free session at the PhotoBox Kids’ Photo Studio on Saturday 25th June, you can enter the #FocusOnDad competition at www.photobox.co.uk/focusondad

This post is written in collaboration with Photobox


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