The first time I looked back at this photograph of Theo holding Rohan like this I burst into tears. I can't really remember the last time a photograph did that and my heart just filled with pride and love. Theo really is so tender and kind with his little brother and is always asking to hold and stroke him. I wasn't really aware that he'd have his very own idea and interest in his brother, but I guess there is a special bond between siblings that you can never imagine.

I do feel a little bad that both of Theo's recent portraits are of him and his brother, but it's been hard to not capture these ever so sweet moments, these are ones I want to cherish forever. I know that this time is incredibly important, and also difficult for Theo, but I want him to have positive memories of it too. Plus these moments are all initiated by Theo, and hopefully these portraits are capturing this side of his personality and the start of their bond. 


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