A family walk : A devon woodland

A few weeks during half term Theo and I adventured down to Devon once more for a mini break. As always it came at a time when I really needed to escape the city and all the stresses that we had been going through and just relax and be by the nurturing sea.

Theo had been tired, the first term of school taking its toll on him, and me too. The new routine, full days and everything he is filling his brain with was showing. We didn't plan much but we did manage to get out the house one afternoon for a little walk in a woodland near by. In the middle of houses lies this little hidden trail following a small stream down the valley. The ground was littered with golden Hazel leaves and we foraged for left over hazelnuts. We carried on our walk stumbling upon a mini waterfall and walked through tunnels of autumn colour.

 It was just a great reminder that no matter how small or short, getting out for a walk always does your soul the world of wonders.


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