twenty - seven / fifty - two

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So a big fat whoops. A month has passed, and I think that the longest I've ever been silent for. It wasn't intentional, it sort of just happened but sometimes life has a funny way of slowing you down and making you take a step back. But I just wanted to pop in a share a little portrait for my neglected 52 project (sorry Theo, this year you'll me missing the whole of June!)

We've been making the most of this time, sharing these last few weeks of nursery before our lives change once more after the Summer. Speaking of Summer, it has apparently arrived and there have been many days spent in the garden and relaxing in the paddling pool.

I'll hopefully be back soon! Thanks to anyone who's stuck around long enough to witness my return...I can't promise much but I feel like it might be time to take some small steps back in. 


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