Theo's house rules

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Since Theo's grown older he's become a lot more assertive about what he likes and doesn't like meaning we have to employ bargaining tools on a regular basis. I guess it comes with the age and becoming more self aware of his wants and needs, but his reasoning and rationality isn't really up to speed meaning there seem to be quite a few moments where his expectations and mine are wildly different!

I feel that since we moved and were lucky enough to buy our house we've felt a little more grown up, and Theo included! With owning our own house we've obviously had a lot more freedom with what we can do with the place and over the past 9 months or so have done a lot of work to the house. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to rip up carpets and get rid of wood chip wall paper, something we were dying to do in our rented places. I think and hope that Theo has enjoyed settling into the new house and putting his own little stamp on the place. But of course with all the exciting aspects of the a new house, there are also new set of house rules and since we painted the floors white taking your shoes off at the door is a great example of one!

But as important as it is to follow adult rules, they can be pretty boring, so I asked Theo what rules he would set if he could have his own house rules! He took a little encouragement as I don't think his true wild child imagination has kicked in yet, but in the end we came up with a few fun rules.

I took a little video of our conversation:

His first rule was to be able to wear his batman costume I made him all day for one day. This is something he requests quite often so we thought it was a pretty good rule to have! 

Second we talked about what he likes doing, and we decided that having a morning of silly
dancing (something that also happens regularly!) should be a great rule for our house! Sometimes I think it's way to easy to get caught up in boring adult stuff that we forget to let go for a while and just be a bit silly. It certainly helps us when we feel a bit wound up! 

Lastly Theo decided that he would like to eat chocolate spread for dinner! I'm not sure if I could let him eat just chocolate spread, but maybe a dinner of chocolate spread on toast one evening would be a bit of a treat! 

So there you have it, Theo's house rules! I'd love to hear if you have any fun house rules, or why not ask your children if they have any of their own! 

This post in collaboration with Principality Building Society's My House Rules campaign


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