Postcards from Devon part three

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So before we go on holiday next week and I have another thousand photographs to go through and share I thought I'd put up the last of our trip from Devon, from what seems like months ago! I actually think that these might be my favourite set from that trip. Rob joined us for the end of our mini holiday in the Easter holidays and we took a trip over to Dawlish Warren for a play on the seafront and perhaps a little go on the 2p machines...

After our last beach trip got cut a little short by the sea mist rolling in we were more than happy to have another paddle and play on the beach. It was great to see Theo's confidence with the waves and the sea grow over the few days, and I hope that this means over the summer when (fingers crossed!) it's warmer we can go a little further in! 

At the weekend we're heading over to Norfolk for some of our dear friends wedding and we couldn't be more excited! Following that we're taking our bell tent and camping with it for the first time along the beautiful Norfolk coast. I can't wait to show Rob and indeed Theo the places and beaches I used to visit when I was little and share my seaside experience with them. 

I have a few more posts lined up this week (hopefully!) but as of next week we're going pretty off grid with no electricity and probably not a lot of internet! I feel like I need a little holiday, and I just can't wait! 

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