A half term DIY nature explorer kit!

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So with half term just around the corner I thought I would share a little DIY activity box that I put together for Theo. Inspired from a while ago by Lia's wonderful classroom in a box I decided to make Theo a nature explorer box, full of everything he might need to go on a little nature hunt in the woods or wherever!

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- I downloaded some great little nature hunt cards with lots of pictures of things to spot and tick off, which my sister kindly laminated me making them weather ready for our adventures. I thought that these would be great for inspiring us what to look for and are great as they have changable cards from season to season. 

- I included a paper bag to bring home any treasures we may find, such as feathers, seeds, leaves, flowers, sticks etc. 

A compass just for fun, to get into the spirit of finding our way and pretending that we're real explorers. 

- A bug viewer to study the creatures close up (without touching!)

- A magnifying glass to peer under logs and stones and look at the details of the things we find

- Some pens and a notebook to perhaps do some drawings of stick in some of our treasures that we find

- A bird spotting book to try and identify any birds we see (I'm planning on adding a tree and flower spotting book too!)

- and finally a pair of binoculars, because no nature kit is complete without them! 

I mostly found these objects from what we already had lying around the house, but picking up a few items here and there! 

On Sunday we took the opportunity to test out the kit and explore a woodland near by to us that we only recently discovered. We had great fun trying to spot some of the items from the cards and searched through the woods for hidden treasures. 

I hope this half term gets you out and exploring, and perhaps you could make your own little nature explorer kit! 

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and of course I made a little video of our walk! 


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