My favourite valentines cards!

valntines cards rifle paper
So we don't really go all in for valentines day, I guess I, like lots of people believe that it shouldn't take a specific day to say something nice to the one you love and in fact having a surprise bunch of flowers when you least expect it, or really need it is a much more appreciated gesture when it's not expected.

This year we are going out for dinner, but with friends, as its a good excuse to be able to go on a date night! I'm not expecting any presents or grand romantic gesture (but I wouldn't say no to you know plane tickets to New York or anything...)

ANYWAY, one thing I do love about Valentines day is getting to drool over all the beautiful stationary that is around for this occasion. My not so romantic side can get down with that. Here's a selection from a little internet browse!

1 - Rifle Paper
2 - Michoucas Design 
3 - Hammerpress 
4 - Little Low
5 - Hammerpress
6 - Quill and Fox
7 - Idlewild co
8 - Rifle Paper
9 - Hello Lucky 
10 - Ferme a Papier 
11 - Rifle Paper
12 - Nicolas John Frith

Thanks Lia for the grid inspiration! 


  1. Love all of these! I may have just sent my boyfriend the hot dog and mustard pic :-)

  2. Love your selection. Wouldn't say no to a plane ticket either ;)

  3. I saw one on instagram that said "I'd walk over lego for you" ha! I've just been having the best mosey around your blog - I absolutely love it! Kellie xx

  4. haha, i like the hello lucky one!

  5. Great selection! We don't really bother with it much although I did get a bag of mini eggs as a present which would have been amazing had they not changed the chocolate! x

  6. oh I don't think I'm come across Hammer Press before, beautiful stuff! x

  7. Great selection, me and Greig usually give each other quite special cards although these days I end up choosing one in Paperchase with the help of the kids so this year's was elephant themed (but still cute).


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