#ARWOMAN Celebrating inspiring women

So you may have seen a few of these floating about on the old internet and that's for a very good reason. The lovely people over at Atterley Road have created a campaign to celebrate inspiring women. The #ARWOMAN campaign aims to highlight the women in our lives who we find inspiring, be it friends, family or even a celebrity. 

When they contacted me to be involved I couldn't wait to be part of such an inspiring in itself movement! It's taken me a good few days though to sit and think of all the women in my life and those that inspire me most. No mean feat I can tell you. 

I think I'm constantly inspired by women, to my mumma friends who I see go through great difficulties but somehow manage to stay strong and find a way to get through, to my blogging friends and ladies of the internet who constantly inspire me to keep going and try to stay creative (Lia, Lori, Alexis, Sarah-Louise, Fritha and Emma  to name a few!) to those women I've admired from a far. Two women who inspired me on my journey into and through studying photography include Sally Man and Nan Goldin, who's work was met with much controversy, but they carried on creating beautiful images regardless. I get inspired by women I see on the street, women pushing boundaries and standing up for rights and movements. Celebrities using their status to highlight causes such as Patricia Arquette,  Emma Watson and Ellen Page. All of these women and so many more inspire me, but my #ARWOMAN is closer to home. 

When thinking through all these inspiring women I couldn't help being brought back to the inspiring women in my own family. Firstly my sisters, who even though they both suffer with constant illness thanks to the hands of Lupus, still go on with their everyday, planning and scheming on how to put their enormous amounts of talents and creativity to use. If ever I need a chat to let off steam, to talk about ideas or just share memories they are there, and I'm thankful for that. But then this always brings me back to our mum, my #ARWOMAN. 

Me and my mum have a relationship like most mother and daughters, we have our ups and downs, but above everything I know she is always there for me. The way she has supported me through my own journey of motherhood has been unquestionably supportive, and even though sometimes it's hard to see it at the time, the words of advice have been greatly needed. I know my mum has been through her fair share of hardship (something I'm not going to go into as its extremely private) but she has come through to raise a family, and to do what she can to share her love for her three daughters. In later life my mum has gone on to concentrate her love of art and sculpture in various art courses, creating beautiful pieces of pottery, paintings and sculptures. It's her ambition, creativity and her resilience that I really admire. So here's to my beautiful, strong, creative and above all inspiring mum. I hope that one day I can be the same. 

I would love it if you wanted to join in the #ARWOMAN campaign too, all you have to do is post a picture on Instagram and tag it with hashtag! 


  1. I think it's lovely that you've chosen your mum, such a wonderful relationship to have :-)

  2. aww thanks so much for the mention!! I didn't realise some of those celebrities did those things, I love this campaign! Also you look so much like your mum, I think you have the same smile? x

  3. Ah that's so lovely. Your mum must be so happy to have been chosen :) x

  4. It's great that you've chosen your mum and lovely to hear about your relationship with her. x

  5. Aw thanks for the mention and how cool does your mum look in that pic! It's so amazing to hear everyone's female inspiration. x

  6. Sorry to hear that your sisters suffer with Lupus. One of my friends is also a sufferer and I know how bad it can get. Just goes to show how inspirational they must be! Lovely post and I love that photo of your mum xx


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