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So with Christmas over it seems inevitable that we start looking forward to Spring, I know I do anyway. I do love this time, waiting and hoping for the brighter days and longer evenings, feeling the sun start to warm your face and coax all the flowers and trees out of hibernation ready to bloom. 

So because of this feeling, generally liking having greenery around and having our own home to finally decorate how we want I have become a little bit obsessed with house plants and flowers and have of course been looking towards pinterest for the ever growing source of inspiration. (Seriously what did we do before it?!) 

I've started a new board to go with my obsession, which happens to link closely with my obsession with shelving too! 

Follow Abigail's board House plant love on Pinterest.

Follow Abigail's board Shelf lust on Pinterest.


  1. Yes yes yes! I love house plants, especially against bright white walls and wooden floors so these pics really are perfect for me!

  2. I've just started a greenery board on Pinterest too, I've never been that keen before, but the constant stream of beautiful imagery is starting to convince me I need some house plants in my life!

  3. oh these are lovely! I love house plants, I just dont' seem to be very good at keepign them alive!

  4. I like this time of the year too, so exciting to look forward to warmer days and spending more time outside. I wish we had houseplants, they just always seem to die!!

  5. I love house plants too, i'm just terrible at looking after the poor things!! I'm all about the cactus ;)

  6. Beautiful. I really need to invest in some house plants, and then try really hard not to kill them... x


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