Gloucester Road local shopping guide

So I've been going on for a while now about how I like to shop locally from independent business's and we are really lucky to live close to one of the best stretches of high streets that boasts a wealth of small independent shops, cafes and pubs. 

So I thought I would put together a little guide or glimpse into some of the shops I love to visit on Gloucester Road. It has a wide range of shops providing everything you need, including greengrocers, butchers, flower shops, clothes boutiques, bakeries, fishmongers, electrical, toy shops, whole food, furniture, homewares...I could go on. It boasts great charity shops too, which are always worth a good rummage! There are very few chain shops and cafes that make an appearance, and those that do plan to open are often faced with opposition! 

It truly is a brilliant place and I love strolling down on a busy Saturday to do our veg shop, seeing people lining up outside the butchers for the bbq, popping into cafes offering treats and a place to rest and scouring the charity shops for treasures. Christmas is also no exception as it means I can browse and purchase presents knowing that my money is supporting the local economy and businesses. 

My first port of call for presents is usually Iota for gifts and cards, full of wonderful things for your home and a great selection of presents for men too!

I love this flower shop and their seasonal displays are always beautiful. They have a brilliant selection and I especially love that the provide all the ingredients to making your own Christmas wreath.

Next is Totally Toys, a great family run toy shop that has been there for years. It's a cavernous shop filled floor to ceiling with classic toys and books, we love going in for a browse!

So whilst technically not Gloucester Road, but Stokes Croft, one of my favourite places to browse and shop for gifts ifs Here Gallery. Stocking an amazing array of prints, comics, magazines, children's books and items from local makers and designers it really is worth that extra walk and visit. 

Another toy shop, Playfull Toys offering traditional toys and learning materials for children, fill of wooden delights and books.

Another favourite includes Repsycho, great for a rummage and picking up some vintage treasures! 

And whilst we're on the rummaging theme, there's a new second hand shop that's popped up, which is literally jammed packed full of items, and many bikes.

And when you've finished all of that, I highly recommend stopping by Bakers and Co for some coffee or fresh juice, amazing sourdough sandwiches and cakes! 


  1. Is it bad that i'm kind of looking forward to Indi & Theo being at school so I can come and spend an entire day with you visiting these gems in peace?! Sorry / Not Sorry!!

  2. Oh lets do this when I visit please


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