A room tour : Theo's Bedroom

So I thought it about time that I shared a little of this house of ours. It's coming along nicely, most of the rooms are complete, except for things like pictures and a few shelves to put up but on the whole is looking a little more finished! 

I don't think we quite anticipated how long things would take, we got a little trigger happy pulling up carpets and gutting things out and not anticipating other problems, but that's all part of the fun of learning and the journey of buying your own home right? 

Theo's room was one the first we wanted to get liveable, for obvious reasons. His bedrooms have never been huge, so storage is always really important. We also lost some living space downstairs, meaning less space for his toys and things there, so the majority of his 'stuff' now resides in his bedroom. We managed to perfectly fit a cupboard and shelving unit from Ikea in the space, as well as investing in a new bed. His bed is high up meaning it creates a great space underneath. We've used it to create a cosy reading space (still needing to put the bookracks up!) fitting yet more storage underneath. Most of our furniture is from Ikea, except a chest of drawers hand made by Rob's dad. We've been lucky that most of it has magically fitted in, but it would be amazing to design purpose made storage for his bedroom. 

Here's a little glimpse of what it was like before, it wasn't in a too bad state, but the walls definitely need some attention at some point down the line! I'm always pinning inspiration, so check out my Theo's bedroom board too! 

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