montessori at home

Yesterday I had my first morning of solo parenting since this all happened, as Rob returned to work. I was dreading it a little as you get used to having someone else around so quickly. So to fight the dragging time make the most of our time together before preschool I concocted a little sensory game. 

I ran around the house collecting objects that I thought would be interesting textures and shapes to feel, then managed to convince Theo to let me blindfold him and asked him to try and find a matching pair that felt the same. It was hard work trying to get him to keep the blindfold on (also note to self, with more planning try and find something a little more suitable than a silk headscarf...) We had to take it in turns, and I tried to encourage him to describe what he was feeling; whether the objects were hard, soft, squidgy, cold, smooth, rough etc. 

Once we found quite a few pairs Theo then decided to play the 'what's missing' game, and again we took it in turn to hide the objects. Theo made sure he counted all the different sets of objects before remembering what was missing. 

With a little more time I figured there could be quite a few variations of this game, and the potential to use a wide range of objects to create different sensory games. These could include sound, taste and smell as well as touch. I think I've discovered one that we will be building on from now on! 


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