London part two

So have you noticed that I like to take photographs, a lot of photographs. I don't even feel like I had my camera out that much on this trip, but when I did I don't think I stopped clicking. You can blame the perfect Autumnal weather for that. 

After we dropped our bags in our room at the Landmark London, and pinched ourselves to make sure it was real that we were actually staying here, we headed out to explore Regents park and the surrounding streets. I could have easily stayed in the hotel, but the sun light pouring through our window was tempting us out, and we needed some fresh air to blow the rest of our hangovers away. 

It was the perfect afternoon, and we revelled in the fact that we could slowly walk around the park, sit on benches, talk and not have to chase a toddler on a scooter or navigate a new play park. That saying it made me miss the boy and dream of taking him to the same park to explore and maybe even visit London Zoo, located on the other side of the vast park. So that's what we did, we sat, we walked and we talked. The sun cast long shadows on the ground as we explored the trails around the boating lake. The park was busy on this glorious Saturday afternoon, with families, couples, tourists and locals making the most of the warm weather and golden light. 

As the sun began to dip lower in the sky we made our way back along the streets to scrub up and prepare for our evening of cocktails and fine dining at the hotel! 


  1. The light looks amazing! These make me think that I need to get out more with my proper camera. Some gorgeous shots of you too. Bring Theo to London - we'd love to play! x

  2. Beautiful places and beautiful people ;) Looks like you had great fun!


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