hello autumn, my old friend

So we have reached the beginning of October, and I can't begin to say how glad I am to see the back of summer. 

The Autumn is fast approaching with shorter days, glowing light and a chill to the air. It feels apt that the transition is upon us, my favourite part of the year. Autumn is a time for shedding the old, preparing for the months ahead, repairing, focussing and getting ready for new beginnings once the time is right. Nothing else could represent my mood or situation better. The leaves turning colour make us once more marvel at the beauty of nature, smelling new aromas in the air as people hurry about their business. We start preparing for celebration and planning to see loved ones and keep up traditions and we spend dark evenings curled up at home staying warm. Chill mornings force our breathe to make clouds in the air reminding us of our warmth inside, wrapped up against the cold. 

Gone, hopefully, are the hot, close and sticky days that recently have felt suffocating and claustrophobic. It's time to think about repairing, resting and moving on, following the seasons and adapting to change. For all the good points of the summer, its the transitional seasons that for me are the most powerful and guide me. The come always at the right time, as a relief, a force for change and a belief that time moves on and things can rebuild, rebirth and repair. 

One chilly morning last week, Theo and I headed out in search of conkers. We reached the first horse chestnut tree and felt like we'd struck gold. Nestled amongst the grass we found fresh, unopened conkers waiting to be burst open and their treasure uncovered. We collected large, flat, shiny, double pod, perfectly and imperfectly shaped conkers, not for any real purpose afterwards but just because the process of doing so is so rewarding. 


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