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Our house renovation journey is going quite well, most of the rooms are liveable, we've managed to unpack the majority of our things and  most rooms are just awaiting finishing touches of shelves, pictures and knic-knacs. I need to get around to actually showing our progress! 

But the list of things still to do is very long, and I fear will span the next few years that we live here. Bottom of that list would be the bathroom. The previous owners had it refitted recently, and even though it's not completely to our taste, it's nothing that a new coat of paint won't fix for now. But that doesn't stop me dreaming! Over the past few years we've had the luxury of having big Victorian bathrooms, but our new house isn't so generous, and in fact our bathroom is on the ground floor, affording us a third bedroom yes, but it's a bit of a sacrifice. Therefore I eventually want our bathroom to be a place that feels bright, open and cosy at the same time. 

I long to re-tile, install a roll top bath, maybe wood panel the walls and put in a good shower. I'm definitely a bath person, but Rob is much more into his showers, probably because he doesn't entirely fit in most baths! I think his idea of heaven would be a separate open walk in shower where he isn't constricted by height or doors. But if we were ever to redo our bathroom, we're not likely to have a glorious walk in shower but a good powerful shower is still very much needed! I'd love one over a roll top bath, we'd probably look to view the Mira electric shower range for something that does the job. I can keep dreaming right?

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  1. That first image is stunning. The plants make all the difference and I love brown bottles. Gorgeous! x


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