thirty - four to thirty - six / fifty - two

 36, 35, 34 / 52 

So for I think the first time ever I fell behind with the 52 project. These past few weeks have flown by, what with illness, start of preschool and the never ending doing up the new house not to mention the folders full of photographs waiting to be edited and sorted I haven't really felt like picking up my camera to capture our days. At times when we have managed to get out and enjoy some time as a family, my attention has been taken by doing just that, enjoying the time as a family. 

But I managed to snap a few photographs over the last few weeks, on a mini trip to the Clevedon beach, being king of the castle on a day trip to Wales with friends and a stroll through central streets of Bristol. I hope to keep a little more on top of the project in the future, as I do love it so! 


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