A year ago

So on a more positive note, as that's what we're trying to be, I'm glad to be able to celebrate our first wedding anniversary this weekend. Whilst technically our actual anniversary is tomorrow, I'm reminded that a year ago on a Saturday morning we were busying ourselves getting ready to meet and be married. 

Waking up at 5am I started going over and over all the things I needed to remember for the day, and finally by 6am deciding that it was a reasonable time to get up, my maid of honour and I started to get ready. Too excited and nervous for breakfast we awaited to arrival of my sisters and for the chaos of dressing to begin. Then as we were ready to leave all the emotion, nerves and tension of the planning and waiting caught up on me and the tears arrived. They didn't stop as my parents greeted us, and as we sipped prosecco and finally walked to the venue. I gave details to the registrar in a blur, handing over our music and tried to take deep breathes as the doors were opened and the room full of our friends and family came into view. I blubbed my way in, and finally joined Rob, waiting for me. 

The rest, the rest was amazing. I know it's cliche and cheesy, but it really was one of the best days of my life, for a multitude of reasons. I'm sad that we don't get to do it all again this year, but I'm happy that we can relive it through this amazing video, captured by my truly talented cousin and gifted to us. I can't thank her enough, or in fact anyone who put in so much effort to make our day as special as it was. Thinking of you all! 

Abigail and Robert from Grace Pluckrose-Oliver on Vimeo.

If there's just one tiny thing, just one thing I could change about the day, it would be that we held Theo's hand and walked out together. The poor boy was suffering with a cold, and we were all a little overwhelmed, and everything happened so fast, but I'm glad we finally scooped him up though for leaving the registry and being showered in confetti. 

Music by Fionn Regan, For a Nightengale


  1. Beautiful. And made me cry a little too! X

  2. Wow, this is so so lovely. What a great memento of your day. Love the song too, Sam and I are Fionn fans.


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