postcards from barcelona

So it's been nearly a week since I returned from Barcelona? How can that be?

It's been really good to have some breathing space actually, and even though I have so much I want to share on this blog, I've kind of enjoyed not having the pressure or being tied down to it. But I guess those feelings are probably for a whole other post!

After a late evening arrival to Barcelona we spent the next few days slowly acclimatising, and just catching up. I've been to Barcelona many times, and even though I love the city, it it my sister that I went to visit, so the pressure to "do and see" all of the city is something that has worn off a little. Instead we pottered around the neighbourhood visiting the local park with Theo and strolling down the rambla in Poble Nou towards the beach. We stopped in a lovely new cafe called Papas & The Mamas and gossiped whilst Theo slept, then slowly make our way to the seafront to enjoy the view, to eat watermelon the size of Theo's head.  We hung out at home, cooked food and relaxed. Theo made little friends at the park, preferring to create their own language together to communicate (which mainly consisted of them saying Pikachu over and over) 

It was a great way to start our little holiday, especially before our busy weekend that followed. 

This photo and the title have been borrowed from my hugely talented sisters boyfriend (who shot our wedding), who together with my sister makes some beautiful work around Barcelona, I urge you to take a look! Postcards from Bareclona


  1. I miss you both so much, its so weird you not being close. I really treasured the time that you spent here and the memories and chats and everything.
    Love you xxxx

  2. lovely photos. glad to hear some time away has helped. pretty much always does!

  3. Oh these photos are so beautiful ... and your sister's comment above made me well up. It must be so special having a sister. I just love your picture Abigail, beautiful

  4. lovely photos as usual! Glad you felt rested on your trip, Theo looks so cool in that watermelon pic! x

  5. I love these postcard snaps - looks like you had a lovely time, warm sun and beautiful beaches, couldn't ask for anything else :)

    Laura x


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