A family walk

Over the Easter weekend we decided to jump in the car and head down to Devon for a few days. The weather wasn't great, we were all tired and nothing beats a breath of fresh air down by the coast.

On Easter Monday the rain had stopped pouring and we decided to take a trip to the South Devon Railway, for a little ride on the trains once more. Two in the space of a few weeks for a certain little boy!

We drove to the outskirts of Totnes and walked along the river and over the bridge to the old station and line. The platform itself is decked out in old tourism posters, signs and lamps as well as offering a little book stall and a shed full of train memorabilia.

Once again more photos after the jump!

We walked through the carriages, chatted to the ticket collector and gazed out at the passing countryside.

We arrived at Buckfastleigh station, alighted the train and set about exploring. There were lots of different engines to see, a big red double decker bus and lots of vintage cars. We stopped for lunch with all the old people, before taking a look around the shop and the model railway.

After lunch we headed back onto the train, but not before Theo got to have a little sit inside the cab!
Theo was treated to a band new train by his dear Granny, got very excited about meeting an owl on the platform before dropping off to sleep the moment we got in the car! We made a quick visit to the seafront once back in Teignmouth as the clouds broke and the sun shone down. We had a lovely relaxing weekend! 



  1. i've never been to devon! i would have loved a day like this when i was little. hell, i'd still love it now!

  2. what a great day! love the train!

  3. we went to Totnes last year and loved it x

  4. This looks so much like The Railway Children! Looks like a lot of fun x

  5. Beautiful photographs, I especially love the one of the train carriage x

  6. Such a lucky boy getting to sit in the cab and a cool new train too! Looks like a great day out. x

  7. I love Devon! Looks like a great weekend x

  8. Fabulous pictures and it sounds like you had a fun day out. I love the train corridor and the reflection in the pond. Belated thanks for linking up to 'Let's have an adventure' :)


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