a family walk: mothers day

A few weeks ago over pizza and beer (where all the best decisions are made) we hatched a mothers day plan with friends to make a proper day of it and visit St. Fagans in Wales.

Over the past few years we've visited periodically as a family, and before Theo was born and I lived in Wales I used to visit frequently, in fact it was one of the first places me and Rob went on a date. He was helping me out on a shoot but obviously he was just trying to woo me.

And the fact is, is that St. Fagans never fails to woo me, and this year we were definitely not disappointed. After a slow morning feeling a little over tired (thanks for nothing day light savings) we packed up the car and headed out on the road towards Wales. We had fun explaining to the littles that we were visiting another country, and that it's not exactly like a humpback whale, but close. The sun was shining brightly and we were all blissfully excited about our forthcoming adventure.

We arrived and met my Mum and Andy who came to share the day with us, and picnicked on the lawn before the boys ran off in search of the play area eager to stretch their legs after being stuck in the car. We eventually managed to drag them away so we could start exploring properly..

There's lots more photos to feast your eyes on after the break!

There were families out in there masses, soaking up the spring sunshine and it was exciting to hear the soft tones of the Welsh accent in my ears once more. Even though it was probably the busiest I've ever seen it, it still didn't feel over crowded or cramped, there's just so much space to run around! We took multiple little rests as little legs get tired quickly, and peered inside the houses and shops. We made our way round to my favourite part, a row of two up two down cottages that document the changing styles over the decades. The history fascinates me and I could spend hours looking at all the little artefacts and styling, wishing it was my job to source and create these scenes.

After yet another picnic stop we carried two very tired babes down the path to the other side of the site, to the glorious gardens and castle. We regretted slightly not bringing the pushchairs as we forgot how buggy friendly it is and it would have been good for the boys to have a snooze, but we all soldiered on! We were rewarded for our determination to carry on as the gardens were alive with colour and bird song. The banks glowed yellow and white with daffodils and the magnificent magnolia tree beckoned us.

We eventually made our way back to the cars, stopping for a quick ice cream and making promises to return soon to see all the bits that we missed. We arrived back in Bristol with our skin feeling glowing and slightly sunkissed from our time in the fresh Welsh air. Making a last minute decision we hauled our sleeping children out of the car and feasted on burgers and a beer or two to complete our day. It was without doubt the best mothers day yet! Thank you St. Fagans, and thank you Wales, we will be returning soon! 


  1. Beautiful photos - so colourful and spring-y

  2. I feel like I'm there! Fresh and free!

  3. ooh, we're going to st. fagans in the easter hols! despite living in cardiff for years i've somehow never been there, and now your photos want to make me go even more! :)

  4. It looks lovely there! I love places that don't get too busy x

  5. First of all beautiful photos and I agree St Fagans never fails to woo us either. So happy you had a lovely day on this side of the boarder and if you ever plan to go again let me know, would be lovely too meet your wonderful family :) Looks like Theo and his friend had an amazing time ;)

    Laura x


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