the wedding part three

So here we are, nearly coming up to 6 months since the wedding! It still feels like it was almost yesterday, but yet memories are fading and I just want to relive it all over again! (You can find part one and part two here)

So the reception...this post has lots of photographs in it beware!

When we arrived on the bus we were greeted by a few more guests who came to enjoy the rest of the day with us and as we stepped off the bus we were showered in dried lavender and rose petals, which although smelt and looked lovely it did find it's way into everywhere! We greeted everyone and had drinks outside, I think we probably intended to take a few more photograph of just Rob and I, but we were so overwhelmed and excited to see everyone that we just didn't seem to get the chance.

Soon after we arrived we went into the hall accompanied by amazing music from a gramophone, and everyone found their seats. We decided against a traditional table plan, and just grouped people together onto different tables and let people choose where they wanted to sit.

The previous evening we'd spent hours transforming the hall, and when we entered again I was amazed at how much we'd achieved and how lovely it really looked. It was better than I'd hoped and planned, and to know how much we'd all put into it really made me feel so proud.

We spent months collecting china cups and plates, table cloths, cake stands and hand sewing napkins. Our wedding favours were bags of traditional sweets and a packet of wildflower seeds all tied together with name tags for the seating plan. I attached doilies to the backs of the chairs to make them look a bit prettier and finally I found the most perfect florist, who completed the look and by far exceeded my expectations! I think every single person commented on how beautiful the flowers were, and to know that they are locally grown and sourced made it even better.

We then settled in for food, which of course had to be provided by our favourite place to eat in Bristol, The Burger Joint. It was perfect! There was no table service or three courses, just good old burgers, and the best ones at that! We had kegs of locally brewed real ale and freshly brewed tea and coffee for after. We had speeches and toasts and drank more wine!

We then headed out into the courtyard for more drinks and photos whilst the hall was yet again being transformed for the evening reception!

More guests arrived in the evening and it was time to cut the cake. Instead of just one big cake, we deiced to have have lots of cakes, lots of big cakes. And cupcakes and shortbread and sweets...

My sister and good friend Claire worked so hard to bake and produce the most amazing array of treats, which I'm sad to say got pretty decimated leaving us with little leftovers! If my memory serves me we had a lavender cake as our main cake, a giant chocolate fudge cake, coffee and walnut, carrot cake, banoffee cupcakes, bakewell cupcakes, lemon and poppyseed cupcakes and chocolate shortbread! So good!

My wonderful cousin and uncle took to the stage to sing a few songs for us, which was very special! We then had our first dance and spent the rest of the evening dancing, drinking and taking polaroid photos! I changed into my special dancing shoes, my sparkly jellies! For the evening we asked our guests to bring a dish to share, and we were amazed by the range and amount of food people brought! My dad even set up a fresh crepe making station, which I regret that I didn't try one, yet another reason I want to do it all over again!

To say it was the best day of my life is an understatement! I mean how could having all your favourite people in the world (bar a few missing!) in the same room, with good food, cake, music and drink not be?! Oh yeh and obviously the whole getting married part, that was good!

But it was such an amazing day because of the sheer amount of effort and kindness put in by so many people. I can't begin to express our gratitude to all those involved, and who gave their time and resources, you know who you are!

And a massive thanks to Borja Algarra for the photography! 


  1. What a lovely day! We're planning a church hall based DIY reception with a bring & share meal, and you've allayed my fears about the logistics getting in the way of a lovely time. Thank you for sharing your photographs & congratulations!

  2. i am not a wedding person at all, but this looks SO sweet and lovely! it really looks like so much love went into it :)

  3. Ahhh this looks perfect!! You looked gorgeous, love your dress. And I love the top three photos x

  4. it all looks so perfect. I love your dress so much!

  5. I love seeing all your wedding pics, looks totally like the perfect day! Everyone is so happy :) x

  6. Wow - I love everything about this - your dress and hair for starts are so beautiful and to have a room filled with all the people you love, having a great time, you could not ask for anything more - I love the low key friendly approach to everything - waaay better than any weddings I have been to which are so uncomfortable but yours looks so blissful :)

  7. What a beautiful wedding. I love the favours :) looks like an amazing day xx

  8. This is an absolutely gorgeous wedding! I hope you don't mind but I'm stealing ideas for when we eventually get around to it (fourteen years later lol). Glad you had a lovely day xxx

  9. I LOVE these photos! Your dress is gorgeous, and the whole day looks like it was so much fun - relaxed and happy, just how a good wedding should be! (You also have some seriously stylish friends!)

  10. everyone looks so happy! love the little details x

  11. I love your wedding pics so much - it all looks perfect :)


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