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A quick post today as we've been super busy this week running around trying to sort out all the things that went wrong last week and catch up! That doesn't mean we haven't been montessoring ( yes I made that word up) but I just haven't really thought about capturing it.

Also I wanted to discuss an approach that naturally happens in our play at home, and goes along side the Montessori values, which is child led play. So whilst its good to have set activities and games to play and be led and instructed by an adult, its often good to let the child lead play themselves. That's why in Montessori schools trays of activities are set out so that the child can choose what and when they want to play with something and stop when they feel like it too. At home we obviously don't have it set up like a Montessori classroom where Theo can access pre-made set out activities. (I wish we had the space!)  So as well as things I set out for him to do like I've documented previously, we also have lots of time where Theo can choose and decide what he wants to do and then ask me to join and help if he wants.

So this week for example when I was having a sort out in the kitchen, sorting out our jars of dried items and filling up empty ones, Theo asked if he could have a go and so I let him fill and refill jars of various different items and weights such as pasta, lentils and rice.

Little activities like this, where he decides what he's interested in and can play for however long he likes it something thats really important to us and often I don't even really look at them as "montessori" but it all runs along side. Sometimes when I'm loading the washing machine Theo will ask to help and will pass me things to put in the machine as well as sorting and putting his own clothes in the wash basket. He then helps me press the buttons and turn it on. By giving him freedom to choose what he wants to help with, and to encourage him to help and use the skills he's learning in other areas I feel he is really learning practical skills, engaging with his environment and learning that control and all through play that he has led himself. (plus it obviously means less housework for me....!)


  1. i have to be honest ..this really made me want some mac & cheese!

  2. Mine all loved playing with jars of pasta and the like when they were little!

  3. Cherry loves helping me with the washing! I chuck it all down the stairs then she carries it all through, she also loves putting it from the washing machine to tumble drier, makes my life much easier! x

  4. they love to join in with daily activities like this don't they? Wilf loves to put away the shopping with me and unstack and stack the dishwasher :)

  5. Practical skills are so important aren't they? Ben wasn't interested at all (actually, he was mildly obsessed with hoovers!), but Daisy loves to help with everything, hurrah!

  6. I loooove your made up word - fits it perfectly. I'm not sure what it is but I love sorting out grains and running my hands through things like dry lentils - and it's such a simple but fulfilling activity to sort out and clean up a kitchen - great mini task :)

    laura x


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