A family walk: me and him

In a bid to get out the house a little more Theo and I took a little adventure of our own to spend a proper day together. We had a busy weekend planned with visiting family and friends that we didn't have time to go on a proper walk together then so this was our little walk together! Often on the days he doesn't attend preschool we meet up with friends, and mostly it's good to let them play together whilst we all have a bit of a rest and a catch up. When it's just Theo and I at home we play puzzles, trains, cook, read do stickers or paint etc, but it's not too often that we will go out for a whole day, just us two.

So even though the weather was pretty miserable we took the bus into the centre to meet Rob for lunch. I am still a little apprehensive about leaving the pushchair at home for a whole days outing, as it has become a sort of safety net, but I really needn't have bothered bringing it as Theo walked happily for the whole day and I felt a little silly pushing round an empty pushchair all day.

Anyway I digress, we met Rob and went to see the new location of our friends cafe, Bagel Boy. It's amazing to see how far they've come, from when we first tried their delicious bagels when they had a little corner in The Elbow Room on Park Street. It's even nicer knowing that they are young and local guys working hard and being successful! I always intend to take photos of our food before I shove it in my face, but when it arrives I fully forget about any previous plans or the future and just go right ahead and start devouring the food. But rest assured it was delicious!

Rob returned to work and we started out on our little adventure. We walked back to the centre and along the harbour side looking at the boats and chasing pigeons. Theo ran along the lines of the cobbled streets imagining them to be train tracks, and trying to spot the Cranky cranes along the docks.

We crossed the bridge and ran along the real train tracks by the Mshed museum, under the towering cranes, jumping from one track to the other. It started to rain so we took shelter in the museum and went to visit the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We had fun spotting the animals, but he obviously doesn't have the patience to look at each photograph properly, and was a lot more entertained by looking at the insects through a magnifying glass, dressing up and pressing buttons to produce some animal sounds, all of which were great features added to the exhibition (which makes me not feel so annoyed at having to pay £3 when it used to be free!)

After we'd had our fill of photographs and animal noises we had a little look around the museum once more before finally resting with cup of tea and a biscuit.

 We made our way back to the bus as dusk was creeping in, and with himself snuggled into my lap Theo fell asleep almost instantly. It was a fun little day out with my little friend and is something I know we need to do more often, get out of the house, away from things that 'need' doing and just enjoy our time together, because before long he'll be at school and I'll wish we had back the time where we could fill our days with little adventures, just me and him.


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