it's looking a lot like christmas

Last weekend we went to get our tree and even though we did originally want to go and cut down our own, we thought it would be a lot better (and kinder!) to get a tree still with its roots so we could attempt to keep it alive throughout the year, and then use it again next year and the year after etc...It's a small but sweet tree and we had fun decorating it!

The rest of the downstairs has started to look a lot more Christmassy too, and we've been crafting away making paper snowflakes (Theo is obsessed at cutting with scissors at the moment), making snowmen and reindeer and even baking some gingerbread biscuits for the tree, and to eat of course!

Theo also received a very special card courtesy of Cardoo. We normally get Theo a card and this year he has been super excited about getting post, so I wrote it out and then put it through the letter box for him to collect. This card is a little different, as it contains a story and activities to do such as colouring, stickers and games. I think its such a great idea, and Cardoo have a great range of activity and story cards for all occasions and ages.

Have you decorated yet? I would love to see some of your decorations, hear about your traditions and see what you've been crafting!

Theo received his Cardoo card as a gift! 


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