we love....pyjamas!

I haven't done a "we love" in a while now, in fact I've not done anything in a while. This whole getting back to normal is taking longer than I anticipated. I've got a million things I want to write about but when it comes down to it I just don't seem to have the inspiration. Maybe its the time of year, the clocks changing and a wedding come down but things are moving slow and sluggish.

But as winter is coming (in perhaps not such a game of thrones ominous way...) it's getting me feeling  all cosy and nothing says cosy like a new pair of pjs, well for Theo anyway! And seeing as we have a daily battle to get him dressed out of said pyjamas as he love wearing them he may as well have some fun and awesome ones to wear for the WHOLE day...is it acceptable to let them leave the house in them?

Anyway here are a few of my current loves...

1- mini boden // 2 - Ava and Luc via Kyna Boutique // 3 - mini rodini // 4 - John Lewis // 5 - Hatley //
6 - The Bright Company via Archies Boutique // Gap 

I think the Hatley train pair would blow Theo's mind...


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