enjoying autumn

The Autumn months are upon us and in between the grey, heavy and dark rainy days there have been glimpses of those wonderful sunny, bright and warm autumnal days. So we've been been trying to get out as much as possible to enjoy them. I've mentioned on here about my fear of going to various parks when it was summer, out of fear of them being really over crowded and stressful having to watch over Theo all the time. But now that schools have gone back and the cooler weather keeps people away we have been out doing a tour of Bristol and its parks.

Every week we have a day where we meet up with our friends and try and think up something fun, free and not too stressful to do and last week we came up with a fun little outing. We took the train to Bedminster, which in itself is a fun activity for all of the train loving children we possess. Once there we made our way to Victoria park, just a short walk from the station. The boys loved discovering a new park with different surroundings and activities. We soaked up the warm sun, ate a picnic and had a good catch up. 

Later in the week (yes we were treated to two lovely days!) we stayed local and visited St.Andrews park... the one that gave me a feeling of dread all summer! I felt it was about time I braved it again, and we had a great time playing, kicking leaves and searching for conkers.

This week we ventured out to Eastville park in not so glorious weather, but great to be out all the same. Theo's little friend even proclaimed that he "loves being outside" so for us it was a success! We walked around the pond, searched for conkers again and discovered mushrooms. There's something about this time of year that makes being outside so exciting, theres so much to look, share and show and I love trying to teach Theo about the different trees etc.


  1. What gorgeous photos! Autumn is certainly my favourite time of year and you've captured it so beautifully.


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