trevella park

I haven't been on a proper holiday for a long time, we're fortunate to have had places to stay with family for our last few holidays, but sometimes it's nice to feel like we're really on holiday, to somewhere new and have it all ready for your arrival. When I was younger we used to drive all the way to France and stay at various caravan parks for our holidays, in big tents or caravans. Ones which had pools, holiday kids clubs and games rooms etc. I remember the smell of pine trees, eating artichoke and pistachio nuts and staying up late. I remember arriving at the parks and driving in through the gates, my dad would stop the car and go into the reception whilst we waited behind in the car eager to see our home for the next week or so. We'd make ourself at home quickly, checking out the pools and forming gangs and friendships with the other kids on the site. At night we'd look for fireflies and my dad would try and scare us by going in between the linings of the tent, we'd sleep in sleeping bags on funny red metal camp beds and go to sleep to the sounds of crickets and our parents and their friends talking.

I loved those holidays, I loved being in the tents and feeling adventurous and out in the open. Even though they are purpose built parks they still feel big and open and in the nature. You could ride your bike around the grounds, or walk to the beach, play games and go on adventures without ever feeling that you were confined. These are the memories of my childhood holidays, and it was something I was excited to experience as an adult with my own family.

We arrived at Trevella Park in the afternoon, pulled up at reception and it was my turn to be the one who checked in and received our keys for our caravan. We were given a map and details of the facilities, then the rest was left to us to explore. We drove our cars slowly around the park to where we found our mobile home waiting for us. My first impressions of the park were that of big open greens, spacious pitches and quiet surroundings. In our part of the park the caravans all faced round in a big circle, giving it a friendly atmosphere. As soon as we stepped into our caravan we were impressed at how clean it was, and that goes for the whole site too. We did what any normal person does when they are sussing out a place, we opened every cupboard and door in the caravan, sat on all the beds and sofas and had a proper nose around! We were impressed with the modern kitchen and other facilities, and wasted no time in checking out the other things the site had to offer, such as the heated outdoor pool. We were a short walk away from a playground and the pool, and it felt safe for Theo to run about out and around the caravan.

Over the next few days we made use of the facilities which including a larger 'adventure' playground, two fishing lakes which we had a run around, a mini golf course which we saved until the last evening and Ollie the Owl! All in all we had an awesome time staying at the park, and it really broke my heart having to leave. Theo asked about going to see the owl for days after and to go swimming in the pool! I'd like to think we'll visit again for another holiday in the future!

We were invited as guests to stay at Trevella park, but all words and thoughts are my own! 


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