in an english country gaaaaaarden...

As I was doing the washing up this evening I was looking out the window onto our garden being bathed in lovely evening sun, and it made me want to take some photographs. Then I realised that it would be nice if I perhaps documented our garden and all the work that we have been doing on it (even though it may not look like much!) But as usual I think about doing these things half way through, and never quite manage to remember taking photographs at regular intervals to really see the progress (just like you Alexis!) ..but this little glimpse will have to do! Hopefully in a month or two I will remember, and perhaps next year it would be a fun little project to document the garden through the different seasons.

But let me start at the beginning  When we moved into our house last November the garden was in a bit of a wreck, but we were excited as it was double the size of our last one. We didn't do any growing in our last place as there wasn't much room and we didn't put the time aside. The previous tenants here had left the garden to go a bit wild, or had half heartily hacked away at some bits (the poor apple tree!) and left quite a lot of debris around. So when the weather started to warm up we really wanted to get out there and clean and tidy it up and have a go at growing some vegetables. We haven't gone all out this year, as we've had to spend time clearing, also we haven't ever really grown much together before (we both have a little experience from gardening with our parents and from when I lived in a community growing organic vegetables) add that to the fact we're renting and we really don't know how long we are going to be here for. But we've still enjoyed putting some time into it, and are definitely enjoying seeing the results!

We are growing potatoes, beans, lettuce, strawberries and have some carrots seeding (which need to go in very soon!) Oh and our friend gave us a sunflower (just up there!) which Theo and I planted together and I can't wait for that to grow bigger. It's fun getting Theo involved with the gardening, his favourite job by far is watering, but he does like having a good dig around. He was pretty excited when I showed him the strawberries that are nearly ready to eat!

We've cleared and tamed a few over grown bushes, laid a little bit of new grass and planted grass seed. There's a few pretty wild flowers, and we enjoyed quite a few bluebells and peonies which you can just see the last of. It's very satisfying to see it all come together and grow like crazy!

What are you growing this year?


  1. your garden is so dreamy!! we are growing our old standards. Tomatoes, beets, radishes, peppers, beans and plenty of herbs.

  2. oh thats the biz!!! none of our sunflowers took which is a shame, may have to buy one already started. loving your blog my friend xxxxx


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