springtime adventures

There's nothing that makes me happier than waking up with the sun pouring through the windows and making last minute plans to go out into the countryside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Last week my mum and I arranged to have a little meet up as it's been a while since we managed to spend any real time together. She travelled to Cheltenham by train, where Theo and I met her at the station. Of course we arrived a little early so Theo could fit in some train spotting...

We stocked up on supplies for a picnic then headed out of Cheltenham and onto the back roads into the Cotswolds. We were heading for Snowshill Manor, a National Trust property (making good use of our membership!) The drive there was breathtaking, we rose high up the hill and had magnificent views over the valley, we passed through picture perfect villages with old thatch cottages, village greens and local shops and through farmland and fields full of animals. Theo enjoyed looking out the window pointing out all the different animals we passed. Sometimes I wish that I was not the driver, so I could take photographs as we went and really take in the view around me.

We arrived in good time to explore the gardens, stop for tea and cake and explore the house. Theo was so happy running around, looking over the views, saying hello to the sheep and looking at the gardens!

 I really do love National Trust properties, they always have great facilites, interesting trails and activities for children, and just really well kept and managed grounds. There's nothing better than being able to let Theo safely run around to his hearts content discovering wildlife and breathing in fresh air. Oh and of course the cakes, there is always good cake!

We had a potter around the pretty gardens, watching the doves and taking in the views. I went for a look around the house whilst my Mum stayed outside and tried to tire Theo out a little more so he could sleep (didn't happen!). The house itself is something completely different to behold! It's a pretty big manor house that was used not for living in, but to store the owners collection of art and objects. It's pretty amazing to see, and there's so much to look at you could really spend hours in there, but it is definitely not a place for little touching fingers and clumsy running toddlers that's for sure! Afterwards we stopped to have a little picnic and warmed ourselves in the Spring sunshine. It really was lovely.

Finally we ended the day with some ice-cream before heading back to Cheltenham to drop my Mum off before driving back to Bristol with a tired out, happy sleeping boy in the back. 


  1. Your photos are beautiful. I found your blog by searching for blogs about knitting and came across your profile. I got a new camera myself and have a lot to learn about photography. The sceneries and subject matters are quite lovely. Have a nice day!


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